Dumbo wall art fun
Dumbo wall art fun

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Tribeca Film Festival Family Day Fun
Tribeca Film Festival Family Day Fun

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Colour explosion
Colour explosion

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"Every child is an artist...." ​

​-Pablo Picasso​


Can you speak art?

                                     Pouvez-vous parler d'art

                               Puede hablar arte


                              Si può parlare d'arte

                                 אתה יכול לדבר אמנות


                                Sprechen Sie Kunst

                                Kan du tala konst

                      Вы можете говорить искусства

                              Você pode falar art

                                   आप बोल सकते कला
          Hannah's Studio wants to know...

       What is your favorite type of art?​​​

Is your art... 





Drawing, or


Writing, or

Digital art




Playing a musical instrument?

    ...tell us we want to know!

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          My kind of Art ? ...Homemade art!

Calling all big kids and little kids alike...If you would like to share your art, fill out our contact form today! We promise to be in touch to find out exactly which masterpiece you would like friends, family and our site visitors to see. So go ahead drop us a few lines and share your art today!












Can you guess where we are making

our art in the pictures below?


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Hint: It happens in New York City, only once a year, a short ferryboat ride takes you to a beautiful island, where you  make and learn about different types of art and artists for FREE! Starts with an F...and end with a T. Take a peek through out the site and see if you can figure it out. ​Email us with your answer. The first 10 visitors to finish this puzzle will get a free art-inspired gift delivered to their mailing address. Contact us today.