The Hannah's Studio website was created to share a little girl's love for art in a way that inspires big and little kids all over the world to discover the artist within!
Our Goal:
 Inspire kids to create  
Move parents to embrace & nurture early art encounters
Push educators  to discover and promote the artist within children from all walks of life 
Join us  today as we inspire, create & discover art through the landscape of everyday life

Making Art Memories:


The New York  Botanical Gardens booklet below shows  an early art encounter back in 2009.  In full bumble bee diggs,  the costume below was made of pipe cleaners and yellow masking tape.

The folks at the NY Botanical Gardens loved it and decided to continue sharing this art moment in their print and electronic Fall 2012,  and 2013 calendar of events.  

So we got together with a few friends made the trip back in 2013; the Haunted Pumpkin Garden did not dissapoint;  DOUBLE CLICK to trace our steps below. 


We encourage you to visit the NY Botanical Gardens and make everyday art memories too!  check out the garden at: 

Bumblebee me
Musing with the Master Pumpkin Artist
Pumpkin art
Pumpkin heads
Pumpkin art NYBG Style
NYBG Pumpkins
Pumpkin art NYBG Style
Pumpkin watching at the NYBG
Good Ghost Good Witch
the biggest pumpkin I ever saw
pumpkin pride
​​Art made by little hands...
My caterpillar

                ...a simple doodle to pass the time, like a caterpillar,  blossoms into a beautiful butterfly.


Did you hear about Hurricane Sandy?

Sandy was very angry, so we thought a handpainted rainbow would calm her !


Butterfly and coocon drawn by Hannah at age 4.

Painted by by big kid mummy!




Rainbow by Hannah age 4, background clouds


painted by big kid daddy!

Creativity and Imagination are the keys to success..." 

- Russell Granet, Executive Director, Lincoln Center Education, New York, NY USA​