The Fish Story... a child's tale!

Dear Studio Friends!

It has been quite sometime since we have updated our blog. Life happened, and unfortunately blog activity lagged behind.

We are indeed back and have so many exciting updates to share!

Over the past 2 years we continued our numerous artsed journey, as always, we continue to be inspired by the little one in our home and the other children in our lives.

On the heels of our last blog #weneedmorediversebooks, we are so pleased to share our first publication!

Garnering inspiration from Hannah's many conjured tales, we have published The Fish Story a tale created when our little author was a wee 5 year old. The story was made up during a saturday mornning commute to dance class. Following a 15 minute protest

(by Hannah) against having a storybook read to her, she decided she had her very own storyline to share.

The story follows a school of fish friends, ( who did not have names, just beautiful colors) on a colorful underwater adventure.

We made the story into a simple scrapbook with blank pages, outfitted the author with various color mediums and the images were colored, cut and pasted and the Fish story was born.

A modest Kickstarter, copyright, and print on demand journey followed, and as they say ...the rest is history!

Please stay tuned as we continue the journey...and do stop by our art and about links for other artsed encounters!

Please feel free to contact us @ for book purchase inquiry, readings, and orders.